Vodafone Internet Settings Code 2022 – Get Vi GPRS & 4G Settings In Simple Steps

Vodafone Internet Settings Code 2022 – Get Vi GPRS & 4G Settings In Simple Steps: Hello viewer, today we are talking about the issues that you have been facing regarding Vodafone GPRS settings. There are several contents available regarding this issue on the internet. But mostly settings are either complex or difficult to apply on your phone. Here, we will make sure that you would valuable material like Vodafone Internet Settings Code 2022 and the solution. The GPRS (General Pocket Radion Service) is a kind of wireless data service that is used to transfer information and data across mobile phone networks. You could get this service in 2G/3G/4G and 5G smartphones for internet access and different applications.

Vodafone Internet Settings Code 2022 - Get Vi GPRS & 4G Settings In Simple Steps

Vodafone Internet Settings Code 2022 Configuration

The users who have been facing issues regarding Vodafone internet service, use the Vodafone internet setting code to overcome this. You can easily fix troubleshot internet issues after installing the Vodafone Internet Settings Code Configuration on your phone. Despite that, you are still having issues regarding Vodafone 4G internet settings. You can make respect to get Vodafone GPRS settings. You just need to send a text from your registered mobile number. After sending the SMS, the company will provide you with Vodafone internet Settings. Other than this, if you are a BSNL user then you can apply the BSNL GPRS Settings USSD code for making your internet fast.

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Vodafone Internet Settings Code 2022 By SMS

Vodafone 5g GPRS: You just need to send the message “All” on Vodafone Toll-Free number “199” for requesting the Vodafone APN internet setting. It will not take too much time. As you send the message, the company will send you the APN setting in your inbox. After receiving the SMS, you have to save this as default. Now, you can restart your phone and get fast internet service.

If it doesn’t work then you can also follow the manual procedure. You can do the setting by configuring the access point name setting of your mobile.

Vodafone Internet Settings Code 2022 - Get Vi GPRS & 4G Settings In Simple Steps

Configure Vodafone 3G/4G APN Settings On Fingertips

BSNL GPRS Settings USSD code: By following these steps you can configure Vodafone 3G/4G APN Settings.

  • Go to the mobile network setting on your phone settings
  • Now, you will see the option APN Setting, then create a new APN
  • Put basic details APN, Proxy, username
  • Set the APN Protocol to IPv4/IPv6 and save it.

How do I Reset My Vodafone Internet Settings Code 2022?

Vodafone Internet GPRS Settings: The users may go to the menu setting on their android smartphone settings. Open the mobile network option and then go to the Access Point Name. Now, you just need to add the option in setting details.

Add the details on your settings:-

  • Name Field- Vodafone Mobile Connect
  • APN Field- WWW
  • Click Ok and restart the phone to reboot the settings

Vodafone 4G/5G APN: After applying the Vodafone Internet Settings Code, if you are still facing the internet problem. Usually, the issue occurs when you do not restart the phone after saving the settings. If still, it doesn’t work, you can switch on Airplane mode on your device.

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Vi Balance Check Number: Refresh and restart the booting setting on your android smartphone. After powering up, it may faster your internet. Otherwise, you can get any Wi-Fi connection and change your internet setting to Wi-Fi mode.

Causes that Affect your Vodafone Internet Settings Code 2022

  • Incorrect internet settings
  • Sim Card in the Wrong Slot
  • Wrong APN Settings
  • Ending of Data Plan
  • Handset Issues
  • 3G Mobile Phone
  • Network Coverage
  • Busy Servers


The section of questions mentioned below considering the solutions for the most frequently asked querries by people related to Vodafone Internet Settings Code 2022. If you have the same querries then read the answers provided below, otherwise, comment your question to us, we will provide the best possible answer to you as soon as possible.

What is the meaning of the Vodafone Internet setting code?

Vodafone Internet setting USSD code is a unique number through which users can get Vodafone GPRS Settings.

How could I get Vodafone 4G Settings?

You can make a request for Vodafone 4G Settings by Sending a Message “ALL” on the 199 Toll-Free Vodafone Number.

Is any Vodafone Internet Settings Code 2022 available automatically?

You just need to reset the APN setting of your Vodafone number if you want to set the Vodafone 4G internet settings.

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