How To Get Data From Airtel In 2022? Find Simple Steps & Full Data Loan Process

Suddenly there was a lack of data. To deal with such scenarios, you must know how to borrow data from Airtel. So here we will tell you about Airtel Code to Borrow Data. Apart from this, will also tell you how you should use this PIN to borrow data from Airtel.

What is the code to borrow data from Airtel 2022?

The PIN to borrow data from Airtel is *500#. With the help of this code, you can easily borrow data from your prepaid airtel number.

How To Get Data From Airtel In 2022? Find Simple Steps & Full Data Loan Process

This is an exclusive service offered by Airtel and is quite useful if you need data add-ons on an urgent basis. In the further sections, we have mentioned the method to use this code to borrow Airtel 4G data.

How to get data from Airtel 4g SIM?

It is relatively straightforward to borrow Airtel data for your prepaid number. For this you just must go through the following steps:

  1. Dial Airtel data borrow code *500#.
  2. Select choice 3 from there.
  3. Now, just pick the Airtel data plan that you like.
  4. If you are qualified, soon you will accept msg related to data borrow recharge.
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These are the easy steps to use a PIN to borrow data from Airtel. There are some different ways to borrow Airtel data as well.

How to Borrow Data from Airtel App?

Being an Airtel user, you can also borrow data from your Airtel app. For this you only need to go through the following steps:

  • Open the Airtel Thanks app.
  • Log in with your Airtel number.
  • Tap on the Data Loan chance.
  • After that, just select the proper options.
  • Once the details are confirmed, you will be able to borrow Airtel 4G data.

Users should observe these simple steps to get free Airtel data easily. If you are a Vodafone user then you can check your Vodafone loan number to get free data.

What are the additional Airtel data plans that I can borrow?

Airtel has developed several packages where you can borrow operating codes to borrow data from Airtel. These are as follows:

Data LoanValidityAmount To Pay
10 MB1 Day57.5 NGN
50 MB1 Day115 NGN
200 MB3 Days230 NGN
350 MB7 Days345 NGN
700 MB14 Days575 NGN
1.5 GB30 Days1150 NGN

These are the different data packages that the user can recharge utilizing the PIN to borrow data from Airtel.

How to borrow 1GB of data from Airtel?

You can also efficiently borrow 1GB of data from Airtel. For this just dial Airtel data barcode *500#. Now, pick option 3 to borrow data. Lastly, choose the correct option to easily borrow 1GB of data from Airtel.

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How can I get 2GB of data on Airtel?

Sorry but Airtel does not deliver any option to borrow 2GB 4G data. The highest discount you can borrow is up to 1.5GB only. Nevertheless, you can try utilizing Airtel’s emergency data loan number to get 2GB of data.

Why can’t I borrow data from Airtel?

There can be numerous reasons why you are incapable to borrow airtel data. These are as follows:

  • You are not an active Airtel user.
  • You do not have prepaid Airtel service.
  • The lowest recharge value has not been met by you.

These are the primary reasons why you may find that Airtel’s data lending service is not operating for you. If you are encountering any issue other than these then it is suggested to contact the support team through the Airtel customer care number.

What can I use to borrow data from Airtel?

To borrow data from Airtel, you can use the PIN *500#. This code will help you to borrow airtel 4g internet data efficiently.

Can I borrow data from Airtel without utilizing *500#?

Yes, you can borrow 4G data from Airtel without using *500#. To do so, all you require to do is access the Airtel Thanks app.

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