MTN PUK Code 2022 – How To Unlock MTN SIM Using PUK Code?

MTN is one of the most famous telecom service providers in South Africa and many Asian countries. If you are utilizing its benefits and have accidentally blocked the SIM card then you should truly need the MTN PUK code 2022. By utilizing this code, you will be able to unlock your blocked MTN SIM card.

That is why here we will suggest the exact MTN PIN code to unlock SIM. Apart from this, will also reveal to you the process to use this code easily.

MTN PUK Code 2022 - How To Unlock MTN SIM Using PUK Code?

What Is The MTN PUK Code In 2022?

PUK code MTN can be expressed as an 8 to 16-digit code unique code. With the benefit of this MTN PUK code, if your SIM card is sealed in any way, then you will be able to unlock it. Below we have noted how you can get your unique 16, 4, or 8-digit PUK code for MTN.

How to discover my PUK code MTN?

To obtain your PUK code for MTN, dial the USSD code 1237*3#. After this, a fast will open for you. Now, you have to confirm some details like:

  • Maiden name of your mother.
  • Your date of birth.
  • The amount that you last recharged with.
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Once all the facts are confirmed, you will be capable to obtain your unique PUK code MTN SIM card through an SMS.

Get MTN PUK Code Through Call

If you are not able to respond to the above questions, still you can get the PUK code for MTN through a single call. For this just dial MTN number 180. This will allow you to get in touch with the aid executive of MTN.

Now, just request the 16-digit MTN PUK code and it will invite you to some security questions for the verification procedure.

Once the facts are verified, you will be able to get your unique PUK number MTN.

Method To Find MTN PIN Number Offline

Apart from the above two methods, you can also get your MTN PUK code number offline. For this, you just have to glance at the back side of your SIM card. There you will find a number of 8 to 16 digits printed. This is your special 16-digit PUK number for MTN. By utilizing that digit you will be able to unlock your blocked sim card.

How to use the MTN PUK code to unlock SIM?

Once you have obtained your unique PUK code number for MTN, you ought to go through the following steps to unlock the SIM:

  1. Turn your phone on and it will invite you for a PUK code.
  2. Now just enter the MTN PUK code and press enter.
  3. Once code PUK MTN is confirmed, your SIM will get unlocked.

You require to follow these straightforward steps to easily unlock your phone using the MTN PUK code. Regardless, always recognize, if you enter the wrong MTN PUK code more than 3 times your SIM card will be permanently locked.

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What Is The Default MTN SIM Unlock Code 2022?

The default MTN PUK code is either 0000 or 1234. Using any of these codes will allow you to unlock your MTN SIM card efficiently. However, these default SIM unlock codes for MTN may not function for every user.

If they don’t work for you, it is recommended that you utilize any of the methods mentioned above.

Is it safe to use the MTN PUK code?

Yes, it is totally secure to use MTN Pin Code. Using this will allow you to unblock the sim if it is locked.

Can I get the MTN pin code online?

Yes, just go to the official MTN website > login with your number > go to profile > navigate to PUK code > add request to get PUK code. Once your recommendation is verified, you will be able to obtain your individual MTN PUK code.

Have you ever occurred with your MTN SIM card you failed to dial the number and get the notice that the number does not exist? Then you don’t have to worry, double review the failed number or enter a good signal area.

How to unlock an MTN SIM card without a PUK code?

You can also unlock MTN SIM without utilizing a PUK code. For this, you have to visit your nearest MTN service center. There, request them to unlock your MTN SIM card.

Now, for validation objectives, they will question you about your ID card. Once your points are confirmed, you will be able to unlock your MTN SIM.

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How to accept the MTN PUK code by SMS?

Dial the code 1237*3# to get your MTN SIM Unlock Code via SMS easily.

When is the MTN PUK code required?

MTN SIM Unlock Code is most required when your SIM is locked and you like to unblock it.

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