Telkom USSD Code List 2022: Check All SIM USSD Codes, Numbers, MTN Data, Callback, Airtime, & Latest Details

Telkom is a well-known internet service provider which is also called a South African landline and wireless telecommunications company. The telecom company has been proving its services to more the 38 nations in the African continent. We can say that the company has a huge network worldwide. However, the company is considered a Private corporate. Despite that, the government has 39% control over the telecom company. So, today’s segment will be interesting for the users who have been using Telkom internet service. Because here we will provide you with some special Telkom USSD Code 2022 through which you can get various services from the company.

Telkom USSD Code List 2022: Check All SIM USSD Codes, Numbers, MTN Data, Callback, Airtime, & Latest Details

All Telkom USSD Codes 2022

Telkom Information RequiredTelkom USSD Code
Check Telkom Balance*188#
Know Telkom Own Number*1#
Telkom Please Call Me Code*140*Your Mobile Number*
Buy Telkom Data*180#
Telkom Customer Care180
Check Telkom IMSI Number*2#
Check Telkom IMEI Number*#06#

How do you find my number with the Telkom USSD code?

If you want to know your mobile number with the help of the USSD Code, then you can use the code *1# to find out your phone number. Along with it, you can also know your mobile number on another device with the service of ‘Telkom Please Call Me’.

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What is the Telkom USSD code to check Balance?

*188# is the USSD code to check the current balance of your Telkom SIM Card. You can know your mobile balance by dialing this code on your device.

Other than this, you can check your balance with the USSD code of *100#. Also, you can download the Telkom mobile application.

How to top up your Telkom Airtime Scratch Card?

You can easily top up your Telkom Airtime by dialing *188* voucher number#.

What is the Telkom ‘Please Call Me USSD Code’?

You can access the Telkom ‘Please Call me’ feature through the USSD Code, *140*.

How to send Telkom Airtime to another Telkom user?

We recommend you use the USSD code *180# to transfer Telkom Airtime to another Telkom user.

How to purchase Telkom Data?

You can purchase the Telkom Date either on Telkom’s official website or by dialing the USSD code *180#. There you have to choose the data plan of Telkom.

The users must require airtime while signing up for a data plan. Let us clarify to you that only prepaid users can choose the option.

Apart from it, you can top up the additional Telkom data by using the USSD code, *188*voucher card number#.

Telkom Customer Care Number

If you have other queries related to the Telkom Service Provider, then you can directly contact Telkom Customer care by dialing 180 from your Telkom Phone number.

How can I check my Telkom IMSI number?

To check the Telkom IMSI number, you can dial *2# Telkom USSD Code.

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How can I check my Telkom IMEI number?

Use the code *#06# to check the Telkom IMEI number. For more updates, you just need to stay connected to where some trending and upcoming information are available.

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