VI Loan USSD Codes & Numbers For Chotta Credit Loan & Benefits

After the report regarding the USSD code, the company informed that by using a USSD code any Vi user can get a Talktime loan on their numbers. It is also understood as a Vi Chota credit Loan Number which can deliver advance talk time to any Vi Number holder. It can be one of the best options when someone gets stuck in an emergency or have a low or zero balance to call.  VI Loan USSD Codes are helpful for people in situations of emergencies.

In the situation of an emergency, the customer can talk an instant loan of Talktime on VI sims in a few minutes after dialing the VI loan number allotted by the company.

VI Loan USSD Codes & Numbers For Chotta Credit Loan & Benefits

Is VI Provide DATA LOAN On Demand?

It’s NOT CLEAR whether vi is providing data loan services or not. But there is no doubt that you can get a Vi Talktime loan by using VI Loan USSD Codes for sure. The consumer can choose the loan amount between Rs 10 to Rs 50.

Who Will Be Benefit From Vodafone Idea Talktime Loan Service?

  1. Vi users who are using the Vi service for 90-Days or more.
  2. The main balance of Vi users should be equal to or less than 5.
  3. You must be a prepaid user of the Vodafone idea sim.
  4. The Vi user must have a pending payment of previous loans.
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Latest VI Loan USSD Codes & Numbers

The Talktime loan code of vi is  *199*3*5#. After checking the customer’s eligibility for the loan service. You just need to dial VI Loan USSD Number on their device to enjoy the VI credit loan service.

VI LOAN CODE = *199*3*5#

VI CHOTTA CREDIT NO = *199*3*5*1#

VI Loan USSD Codes & Numbers For Chotta Credit Loan & Benefits

How To Take A LOAN In VI SIM By Using VI Loan USSD Codes?

To get a loan on your VI sim, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps correctly.

  • Launch your Vi caller application.
  • Dial the above-mentioned VI Loan USSD Codes.
  • Press the dial button and wait for the pop-up notification appearance after the call.
  • Now, you will get an option to choose the amount of Talktime loans.
  • Reply with the number you want to choose from a given option.
  • At last, confirm to get a credit loan.
  • Now, you will get a message upon successful loan credit.
  • Use your Vi Talktime loan.

Caution: If the above-mentioned USSD code does not work properly then you can also try *111*1*6# and *150#. The loan amount will be automatically deducted from the next mobile recharge.

How to take the loan by sending an SMS?

VI users also can take Talktime loans by sending an SMS. The customer has to start your message application on your mobile and create a new SMS.

The customers have to type “Credit” and send it to 144. Wait for the reply message to arrive. In the next step, reply to the received message with the appropriate number to take the Talktime loan.  

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VI Loan USSD Codes & Numbers For Chotta Credit Loan & Benefits

VI Loan USSD Codes for Data Loan

Currently, Vi has not provided any information regarding internet data loans. As of now, you can only get a Talktime loan. The company will be informed if the data loan service starts soon via VI Loan USSD Codes.


To get a 1GB data loan in VI, consumers can use the Vi data loan code on their device and send an SMS to Get a Talktime loan in Vi sim. The VI Loan USSD Code is *199*3*5# which is so easy to learn and remind by any Vi user. This would be the best option for anyone stuck in a zero-balance situation.

How Do They Get 10 RUPEES LOAN In VI?

People can dial VI Talktime loan code 1993*5# on their device to avail loan in VI number. The consumer can also send a message to 144 with the text “Credit”. This can be the easiest way to get a 10 rupees loan in Vi sim. The loan can take from 10rs to 50 rs.

VI loan code for 10 rupees number = *199*3*5*1#

How To Check VI Chotta Credit History?

To check the history of the vi loan service they have to dial the Vi Chotta Credit history number. The Vi Chota credit history check no is *199*3*5*2# which you have to dial on the device to check the loan history of Vi sim.

Vi Chotta Credit History Number = *199*3*5*2#

Addition information

  • Vodafone idea (Vi) loan service provides Vi users to take Talktime loan in case of emergency and low balance.
  • As of now, Vi is not providing a data loan service for its users. If in the future Vi enables this service for its users then we will update it soon here. 
  • The consumer can simply dial the Vi Chota credit number to get the vi loan which is also known as a Vi loan code 10 rupees 2022.
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Vodafone Idea (Vi) loan service enables Vi users to avail of Talktime loans in points of emergencies and low balances. So, stay tuned to for more interesting information.

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