Vi APN Settings For Fast Internet 2022 – 3g, 4g, & 5g APN

Vodafone-Idea or Vi is one of the most famous telecom operators in India and has millions of users. It is known for offering high-speed connectivity speed.

If Users reside in remote areas then there are huge chances that they might face speed fluctuations or slow speed. For increasing their  Vi internet speed in such a situation, it is suggested to apply Vi internet settings.

Vi Best Internet Setting

There are various ways of Vi internet settings that one might get on the internet.  Even many of them can also take the phone for major privacy threats. There are some settings that one can use for increasing the internet speed on a mobile phone. For both Android and iOS devices, the Vi Internet Settings Code is relatively different, though.


Vi Vpn Settings For Android

Applying this setting will help The users in improving the internet speed of android devices. The steps for Vi APN settings for fast internet Android that users need to follow are:

1. Open the phone’s Settings App and click on Mobile Network.

2. Select the APN option after choosing the preferred Vi SIM card.

3. Now, click on the ‘+’ or ‘Add More’ option and apply the following settings. 

4. After applying the settings, Save them and restart the phone for enjoying a faster internet connection.

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Vi Apn Setting For Iphone

There are some separate iPhone 6 APN settings for Vodafone and other iOS users. These settings are:

1. Switch off your mobile network and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

2. Open your web browser and search www.unlock

3. Now, click on “Create APN” and select the Vi operator from the display drop-down list.

4. Doing this will take you to the configuration page. There fill in all the details same as in the case of Vi APN settings Android and save them.

5. Once, install these Vi internet settings 4G for fast internet on The device and enjoy a faster internet connection.

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Vi 4G APN Settings For Windows

There are a large number of users in India that use Windows smartphones. Users can use the following Vi APN Settings code for faster internet:

1. Open  Windows Settings APP and select the SIM Card Management/ Network Connection.

2. Select the Vi SIM card for opening its settings.

3. Now, click on ‘Mobile Network’ and select the APN option.

4. Now, just fill in the following details for configuring Vi internet settings new

5. After filling in all these details, save the settings and restart the Windows phone.


Vi doesn’t provide any such kind of USSD code for improving user connection speed. However, for receiving Vi internet settings Users need to SMS ‘ALL‘ to 199.

Additional information

  • No, there are not any separate Vi APN settings for 3G users. 
  • As Vodafone and Idea have submerged into one as Vi.

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