How To Port Your Jio Number to Airtel Number

Jio to Airtel Port Number: it is a customer’s choice whether he is satisfied with its mobile network or not. Today’s segment will be useful for the Jio users who want to port their SIM into Airtel Port Number. By following a few simple steps, you will be able to port your number into Airtel Port. Make sure you are using Jio. Because here we are talking about how to port Jio to Airtel number. So, read the content of the article from the beginning to the end. We have also written down your queries at the end. Let’s get started.

How can I Port from Jio to Airtel?

If you want to port your Jio number to Airtel, you just need to open your messaging app. Then, type PORT <Space> (your number) and send it to 1900. It is unique that has been provided by the mobile company in case of porting. After that, you will get an SMS containing your special Jio Porting code from 1901.

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Go to your nearest Airtel store and complete the verification of your document for porting the number. This process may charge a few to get a new Airtel SIM.

Can I change My Jio Number to Airtel?

If you are not satisfied with the Jio telecom service, you may port your number to Airtel to get the Airtel telecom service. It is not rocket science to port the Jio to Airtel. You can do that by writing a message of Port on your device and then sending it to the 1900 number.

How much does it cost for Port Jio to Airtel?

There is not any fixed cost for performing the process of the Porting Jio to Airtel. Its cost depends on your region and location while porting Jio to Airtel. Then, you can activate your SIM card as per your plans.

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How to port Jio to Airtel without sending SMS

As per the latest telecom guidelines, it is necessary to send a particular SMS to porting process of Jio to the Airtel number. Otherwise, there is no other way to port your Jio number to the Airtel number. Furthermore, you can consult with your nearest telecommunication shop.

How to Port Jio Sim to Airtel 2022

To port your Jio number to the Airtel mobile network you will need a unique porting code. You just need to send a message as we mentioned above to get a unique porting code. Then, follow the instruction of the mobile operator.

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What is Jio to Airtel Port Postpaid Cost and Benefits?

The cost of postpaid Jio cost is all about your usage. The telecom company charges the amount on your usage. If you want to get a postpaid Jio number to Airtel. You have to follow the same steps as we have discussed above for the prepaid.

You could get benefits after porting Jio to an Airtel number. However, Airtel has costly plans but the speed of its internet connection is remarkable.

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How to Port your number to Airtel prepaid Online

  • Go to the Airtel official website on your device
  • Tap on the postpaid section which is available in the menu bar.
  • Then, click on the switch prepaid to postpaid.
  • Now, you can choose your plan from sections.
  • After all this, you can use the Airtel Postpaid service.

3 Easy Steps to Port Jio Sim Number to Airtel

You just need to follow these 3 easy steps to port your Jio Sim number to the Airtel Number. Let’s have a look at those points down below.

  • Select your plan and confirm the port-in request.
  • After verifying your documentation process, you will get a new Airtel Sim.
  • Now, you can insert your Airtel Sim on your device and get the benefits.

Does the Jio to Airtel Port Number Really work?

Yes, it will work. Every mobile network allows its customer to shift to any other mobile network. All you need to get a port code on your device while porting to the Airtel number.

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What is the Jio to Airtel Port number codes?

It is a unique code that is provided by the telecom service to port your SIM to another through messaging on 199.

What is the best way to port your Jio Sim to Airtel?

We have discussed both above, you can choose as you want.


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