How to clone a Sim card 2022? 3 Simple Sim Cloning Methods With Only Number

How to clone a Sim card 2022? Three Easy Sim Cloning Techniques Requiring Only a Number: For years, technology has been evolving. Understanding the process and application is crucial.. Nowadays, the smartphone and mobile networks have been getting amazing features to their customers. Most of you are familiar with Sim cloning. If you think that is nothing just fraudulent. Let us inform you that your Sim Card expires in 2022. There are several methods you may use to duplicate your Sim. Now, we would like to have your attention on our today’s segment where we are going to talk about Sim cloning.

How to clone a Sim card 2022? 3 Simple Sim Cloning Methods With Only Number

How to Clone a Sim Card with Just a Phone No.?

To create a duplicate of your Sim, you have a lot of possibilities. But for the procedure, the majority of individuals like KI and IMSE numbers. The code aids consumers in understanding the number and user authentication. Follow the instructions down below in order to clone your Sim card:-

  • Switch off your device.
  • Remove your Sim card from the slot and copy the IMSE number which is available on the Sim card.
  • Now, you can insert the Sim card as it is.
  • Connect the Sim card reader to your PC.
  • Please wait until Ki number copies your content.
  • After a brief process, you may utilise your mobile device’s dual Sim card.
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How to clone a Sim Using Cloning Tool?

Let us tell you that there are several Sim cloning tools available on the market. However, picking the best one might be challenging. Now, we are going to explain to you the best tool and how to clone a Sim card with the tool:-

  • First, you have to download the Sim cloning tool by MOBILedit Forensic.
  • Remove the Sim card from your phone.
  • Now put your Sim card in the Sim card clone device and connect it to the PC.
  • Proceed or run the Sim cloning tool and click on the read Sim button.
  • From here, the date will copy and read the date that you need.
  • Now, connect the writable Sim card and access it with the data you have copied before.

How Can Programmable Cards Be Used to Copy Phone Numbers?

Some telecom companies have changed the way of manufacturing the Sim cards. Because of this, not all Sim cards are compatible with the Sim cloning tool. Let us elaborate on you, COMP128v1 can be cloned but COMP128v2 has installed secure firmware due to which it is not easy to clone. For this reason, you’ll need the software, blank Sim programmable card, and Sim Firmware writer.

Follow the step to make Sim Clone Remotely:-

  • Install the Woron software and connect the sim card.
  • Get the targeted sim and configure Woron software.
  • Run the IMSI search and copy the IMSI code.
  • Now, run ICC search and copy it down too.
  • Start KI key search and now remove the targeted sim card.
  • Download SIM-EMU software & go to configuration.
  • Now, add the details in it like KI, IMSI, & ICC number.
  • For ADN/SMS/FDN# (ADN= Abbreviated Dialing No./
  • SMS = No. of SMSes stored on SIM /
  • FDN = Fixed Dialing No.) Enter: 4 / 10 / 140
  • Select the write to disk button and name the file SuperSIM.HEX.
  • Name EEPROM file SuperSIM_EP.HEX and select the save button.
  • Install the card with a card reader and add the required files in the right fields.
  • Run the writing task and the sim cloning is ready.
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 How to clone a Sim Card without the Sim?

If you’re trying to figure out how to copy a SIM card without the SIM. Then, should stop from here. Because there is no way to clone a Sim without a Sim Card. IMSE and KI numbers are required in order to copy a Sim card, as was already indicated.

Is it possible to clone a Sim Card?

Using your Sim’s Ki and IMSE numbers, you may clone your SIM card. Let us inform you that it is a legitimate practice. Therefore, we advise against trying this. In addition, you may attempt the other method of Sim cloning that we have already explained in this post.

Are two Sim cards with the same number possible?

Yes, it can happen. With two Sim cards, you may use the same phone number.. The code validates the IPSI number and user ID KI. You may obtain two Sim cards with the same phone number by using these numbers.

How can Anyone use an Android phone to copy a SIM card?

Let us inform you that most nations consider sim cloning to be illegal. However, there are several tools available in the market that you can use to clone your Sim on your android phone. But it is quite a difficult task to do.  We will recommend you to use the PC to make a clone for your Sim.

How can a SIM card be duplicated without physical access?

You can’t clone a Sim card without any Physical Access.

How to Duplicate a Sim card to use two phones?

In 2022, you may either clone your SIM card using software or a SIM card reader. Follow for more technological information.

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