Fidelity Bank Transfer Code 2022: How Fidelity Bank Code Works To Transfer Money? Unlock USSD Code & Latest Details

If you have landed on this webpage for the Fidelity Bank Money Transfer, then you are on the right webpage. We will try to resolve your issues related to the money transfer in Fidelity Bank. Several times people getting trouble while transferring money from their bank account. Sometimes they don’t know the method or way to transfer from the account. But you don’t need to worry anymore, we will provide you with a USSD code that will help you to transfer money from your account. Along with it, we will talk about alternative ways to transfer the money from Fidelity’s bank account.

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code 2022: How Fidelity Bank Code Works To Transfer Money? Unlock USSD Code & Latest Details

What is Fidelity Bank Transfer Code 2022?

The Fidelity bank allows their customer a USSD i.e. *770# while transferring the money from their bank account. It is one of the simplest ways of transferring money from your bank account. For some reason, If the code is not working on your while transferring the money, you can follow other methods that we have mentioned below.

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Benefits of USSD code for Fidelity Bank Transfer

These are the following benefits that you could get while transferring the money by using Fidelity USSD Code:-

  1. The code is applicable for the subscribers of Airtel, 9mobil, GLO, and MTN.
  2. You will have the bill payment limit N20, 000.
  3. Service is available for 24 hours.
  4. The money will be directly credited from the Fidelity account.
  5. Maximum transfer limit N20, 000 per transfer.
  6. It doesn’t require mobile data.
  7. Daily fund transfer N100, 000 per day.
  8. Safe, easy, and reliable.
  9. Fast transaction

How do I Activate my Fidelity Bank Transfer Code?

Follow these steps to activate the Fidelity Bank Transfer USSD code:-

  • Dial Fidelity USSD Code *770# on your dialing keypad.
  • Enter your account number.
  • Create your Pin Code.
  • Confirm the Pin Code.
  • You have to enter an alternative mobile number.
  • Otherwise, you can press ‘0’.
  • Enter your Pin number.
  • Then submit your request by pressing ok.

How to send money with a code to Transfer money from Fidelity Bank?

You have to dial *770<Account Number<Amount in order to transfer the money from Fidelity bank. For example, if you want to send N6000 to someone’s bank account with the account number XX1234, dial *770 account number *6000#.

After that, you will ask to choose the account name and then confirm all the detail related to the bank account.

How many times a day I can use the USSD code for Fidelity Bank Transfer?

The company hasn’t set any limit for using the transfer USSD code of Fidelity Bank Nigeria. Although, you can maximum transfer N100, 000 from the Fidelity account in a day. Similarly, you can transfer N20, the 000 amount to another Fidelity account holder.

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Is using Fidelity Bank Transfer Code on Phone Safe?

Yes, you can trust the Fidelity Bank Transfer Code. It is completely safe to use the code on phones. The fidelity itself launched the USSD code in case you need to transfer the money through customers’ phones.

Although, the Bank may charge a fixed amount while using the USSD code. You can check it out their official website.

How do I do a mobile Transfer with Fidelity Bank?

Follow our instructions carefully while transferring the money from your phone:-

  • First, you have to dial *700#.
  • As per the IVR command, you have to press 1.
  • Enter your Fidelity account number.
  • Then, enter your Pin number.
  • Now you can easily proceed with the mobile transfer.

How do I transfer money from my Fidelity account to my mobile?

As we mentioned above, you have to dial *770 Account number amount # without any space in your dialing keypad.

Is the Fidelity Bank Transfer code really working or not?

Currently, the Fidelity Bank Transfer code is active in use for the customer. You can use the code.

What is the Fidelity USSD transfer code?

You can use the Fidelity USSD code *770# for transferring the money from your account. You just need to keep yourself in touch with to learn some updated information regarding technology and the advanced world.

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