Airtel Last 5 Missed Call USSD Code

Airtel Last 5 Missed Call USSD Code: Airtel is a leading telecom company that provides the best deals and offers to its users. It is also known for providing fast internet. Despite that, people have lots of queries regarding the Airtel. Here, we have come up with one of those queries that you have been asking frequently on the Google searches. In this article, we are going to explain to you how you could use the USSD code to get the Airtel last 5 call details. Get more information about Airtel services down below in the next section.

What is Airtel Last 5 Call Details Number USSD code?

Airtel Telecom service provides you the unique that we call the USSD code to enable the services. To know the last 5 call details number, you need to dial *121*7# from your device. Through this USSD code, you will be able to get the Airtel Last 5 call detail on your device.

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How to Check Last 5 Call Details in Airtel Using USSD code

Go to the keypad dialer of your mobile and dial the last 5 call details in Airtel USSD Code. Then, press the green button to process and generate the code. After that, you will receive information regarding your last 5 call details on your device.

How to Check Airtel Last 5 Call Details With Airtel Thanks App

There is another way you can get the detail of your last 5 missed call on your device. You can use Airtel Thanks App to check your last 5 call details on your mobile. Follow the further instructions carefully down below.

  • Go to Play Store and download the Airtel thanks App.
  • Sign in to the application with your Airtel mobile number.
  • Then, Go to the settings and select my account option.
  • Now tap on the last 5 call details to check your Airtel number call history.

Last 5 Call Detail in Airtel through Customer Care

Now, you can ask about your Last 5 call Details in Airtel by calling customer care. You can ask any queries regarding Airtel service to the Customer Service. You can easily contact customer care at zero cost.

How can I Get Last the 10 Call Details in Airtel?

You can get your 10 call history on your Airtel number by dialing *121#. Now, you have to select the call history from all available options. Other than this, you can do that through SMS and directly calling Customer Care.

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How can I Get the last 5 incoming Call Details in Airtel?

If you are looking for a way to get the last 5 incoming call details of your Airtel number. It is the same process, you can use the USSD code or Download the Airtel thanks App.

How can I get Airtel Postpaid Call Details?

You can also get the details of the call history of your Airtel mobile number.  You have to go with the same process as we discussed above. You can either use the USSD code or download the Airtel thanks App to get the details of your call details of Airtel Postpaid.


What is the Code to Check Airtel last 5 call details?

*121*7# is the code to check the Airtel last 5 call details on your device.

Can I get the last 10 call details of my Airtel number?

By dialing *121# on your dialer pad, you will get an option to check the last 10 call details of the Airtel number.

How to check the call detail of any Airtel number

You can use the code *121# to check the call detail of your Airtel number.


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